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The Ganci Farm

Wine is the epitome of a territory, of a culture, of a way of life”

The Ganci Farm is located near the lake of Fogliano, very close from the sea and surrounded by the colours and the scents that come from the huge vineyards' expanse.

A place made unique by a microclimate in which the gentle warmth of the sun and the breeze of the sea and the lake give to the grape a taste that arouses intense emotions to anyone who taste it.

The winery, with its 60 years of history, represent the family's passion for the art of wine-making. Laura Ganci e Giuseppe Milone devote themselves to the care of 74 acres of vineyards keeping intact the typical values of the family business.

The Ganci family produces a genuine and authentic wine by the experience of which they are custodians, the constant attention to the tradition and the innovation, with the respect of the environment and the use of modern techniques in vine's organic cultivation.

Laura e Giuseppe will be pleased to welcome in their estate all of those who love or want to learn and get closer to the wine's world. In the suggestive setting that surrounds the farm, the visitor will experience the magical atmosphere of the places where the grapes are turned into wine. The visual perception will merge with that of taste in order to create a unique experience.

The Ganci family welcomes and wishes you a good surfing in our website!

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