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The Wines

From the beginning the Ganci family has worked to the development of an area particularly suitable for the viticulture. The slightly hilly structure of this place, uncommon on the Pontine coast, has red soils with a medium texture, fresh and never marshy.

The particular chemical composition of the ground allows the vine to develop itself in a balanced way and make clusters rich in sugars and polyphenols which are the reason of healthy and high-quality wines.

The brackish winds coming from the sea make unique the Ganci's wines. The salt transported and deposited on the grapes in the morning gives to the wine an exclusive taste, naturally intense and elegant.

News and Events

Cantine Aperte a San Martino
Cantine Aperte a San Martino   Domenica 11 novembre 2018      dalle 10.30 - alle 18.30 Siamo lieti di accogliervi in Azienda per assaporare con voi le meraviglie della nostra Terra.  Durante la giornata, potrete degustare il vino nuovo e gli altri vini rossi di annate diverse. Ad accompagnare i nostri vin...Continua...
Ganci Contest a San Martino
A San Martino ogni mosto si fa vino!......in occasione dell' evento in programma Domenica 11 Novembre: “Cantine Aperte a San Martino”, l'Azienda Agricola Ganci ha pensato di lanciare un piccolo concorso fotografico...    “Ganci Contest a San Martino” Scatta la tua foto di “Cantine Aperte a San Martino” e potrai vincere i n...Continua...