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The city of Latina, founded in 1932 with the name of Littoria (rural town) from the fascist regime, is one of the most important modern cities in Italy on the urban and architectural outlook.

According to the Rationalist Architecture canons of the time Latina has an octagonal layout with the main roads that converge on the central Piazza del Popolo.

This “spider web” structure created from the synthesis of the radial scheme and the concentric rings one it also encompasses the villages surrounding the city.

Born as a simple village Latina has become in few years a modern city full of monuments, parks and cultural centres.

The main building of public interest are the town hall with the high city tower, the monumental fountain, the post palace, Palazzo M, the Church of Santa Maria Goretti and the Cathedral of San Marco, the theatre and the palace of culture, the large area of the Piana delle Orme museum and the eighteenth-century Church of San Paolo.

News and Events

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